Accountant Salary in Australia

According to ANZSCO description, accountant plans and provides systems and services relating to the financial dealings of organisations and individuals, and advises on associated record-keeping and compliance requirements. Registration or licensing is required.

Accountant Salary Survey

Hundreds of accountants in Australia submitted their annual wage during 2010 - 2017. Below you will find average salary for accountant in Australia from these entries as well as Min and Max salary and then salary tables for each state.

Average Salary:Min Salary:Max Salary:Number of Entries:
Victoria (VIC)$92,192$34,863$275,000165
New South Wales (NSW)$98,203$10,000$400,000262
Queensland (QLD)$89,658$30,000$600,00095
Western Australia (WA)$110,379$30,000$500,00059
Tasmania (TAS)$64,872$42,000$123,0007
South Australia (SA)$79,337$20,000$220,00030
Northern Territory (NT)$94,875$52,000$200,0008
Canberra, ACT$78,199$35,000$120,0007
All Australia$94,963$10,000$600,000633

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