Teacher Salary in Australia

According to ANZSCO description, teachers or education professionals educate students in early childhood (pre-primary), primary, middle or intermediate, secondary, tertiary, private and special education institutions by teaching one or more subjects; research and develop curricula and teaching materials; and promote students' social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. Most teachers must have bachelor degree or higher qualification.

Teachers Salary Survey

Hundreds of teachers in Australia submitted their annual wage during 2010 - 2017. Below you will find average salary for teacher in Australia from these entries as well as Min and Max salary and then salary tables for each state. Entries include various teacher's occupations - school teacher, casual teacher, childcare teacher, dance teacher, music teacher, piano teacher, primary school teacher, TAFE teacher, teacher aide, teacher assistant and so on.

Average Salary:Min Salary:Max Salary:Most Common Salary:
Victoria (VIC)$63,346$9,000$140,000$80,000
New South Wales (NSW)$68,785$9,600$195,000$80,000
Queensland (QLD)$58,807$7,000$200,000$80,000
Western Australia (WA)$67,665$12,000$103,000$70,000
Tasmania (TAS)$52,500$20,000$85,000$50,000
South Australia (SA)$68,054$10,000$350,000$50,000
Northern Territory (NT)$78,256$60,000$97,000$80,000
Canberra, ACT$64,857$30,000$85,000$68,000
All Australia$65,371$7,000$350,000$80,000

If you wish to find out how much taxes you have to pay on your teacher salary - please use our salary calculator.

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